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Decorating our daughter’s room was not hard at all since day one, we knew a few things we liked and fortunately my husband went along with so many of my ideas! On our first apartment we painted one wall entirely in dark grey and the other wall was half painted on the same shade of grey. Then we bought a house and we skipped the grey on the walls (though I’m always thinking about bringing some color to the walls), but as Alice grew up, she started to use more and more of her room and it certainly gained more character and life.

We opted for colourful with a white base style, keeping all the furniture we had, being the mustard yellow Ikea chair the main staple. In the meantime we changed the crib for a big girl’s bed and among all the books, the puzzles and the pillows, I believe that Alice is really happy with her bedroom.

Here are a few pictures of the bedroom over these past few months.

Mint blue table lamp | Circus ceiling lamp | Beige Sheep | Fox and Whale | Fox Piggy Bank | Throw Pillows | Colourful Garland

Having a daughter and this bedroom to decorate, I must admit that I often create with this place in my mind, so “The smallest spring collection in the world” is actually based on the colors that are present in the room. And it’s so ironic that having started to avoid all things pink, I ended up falling in love with these tones of dusty pink, terracotta… they really make me happy!

And now a suggestion of art prints that would be beautiful on a toddler’s room like this one:

Take care,

Claudia x Menina Lisboa

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