Hello! I know that probably there are a few questions you may have in your head, so here are some answers!

When will my order be sent out?
Please allow me one week in order to send your prints to the lab, collect them and prepare them to ship. I make Post Office runs every week (usually I collect your prints from the lab on Fridays and ship them out on Mondays).

When will me order arrive?
I ship ever order as Registered Mail, so you’ll have a tracking code. All domestic orders will arrive within 2 business days, all orders shipped anywhere in Europe may take up to 2 weeks to arrive, depending on each country regulations to handle international orders during COVID-19. All orders that ship everywhere else in the world may take up to 4-6 weeks to arrive, due to the same reasons as above, plus Customs delays. 

Where do you ship from?
I ship from Cascais, Portugal. 

What kind of paper is used for prints?
All our illustrations are printed in 300gr watercolor paper, to ensure a beautiful texture and colours. However please note that there might be slight differences between what you see on a monitor and what you see in print, due to each monitor calibration settings. 

Is it possible to ask for different colors and/or text?
Yes, but not all the times. If it’s a design that is not as complex as an illustration, you can totally ask for a change of colors, add some quote or change the one already in it. If it’s an illustration, then it’s not possible to change. There is a fee to custom colors/text (3,95€) for each print, which includes one round of changes. 

Do you accept returns or exchanges?
Unfortunately at this time I do not accept returns or exchanges on any orders. If there are any problems however please contact me and I will happy to help.